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Nursing Education

Nursing Education is an integral part of the San Diego Black Nurses Association, Inc. The organization provides its members and other licensed nurses, who are not SDBNA members, with Continuing Education classes to enhance their nursing knowledge and skills. SDBNA recognizes the imperative for licensed nurses to improve their knowledge and skills for effectiveness and quality care. SDBNA supports licensed nurses in their professional development with the provision of a minimum of four Continuing Education classes yearly. The Continuing Education classes are presentations of evidence-based and best practices to enhance the nurses’ professional development. Topics presented have included management of chronic conditions such as: hypertension, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, obesity, and other conditions/diseases prevalent in the community we serve. Another Nursing Education activity is the provision of Nursing Scholarships. An SDBNA goal is to actively encourage and financially support nursing students. SDBNA has a long-standing tradition of awarding scholarships to deserving nursing students. Nursing Scholarships are awarded annually at a special, public awards event. SDBNA strives consistently to encourage nursing students and provide financial at provide financial assistance. SDBNA promotes the Nursing Education of licensed nurses and our future nurses.