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Health Promotion

The San Diego Black Nurses Association, Inc. provides health promotion services to the underserved, underinsured, and uninsured  within our community. African Americans are our target population; but, SDBNA is non-discriminatory as a provider of health services. SDBNA does not discriminate against anyone based on ethnicity, race, and age. We are dedicated to providing health promotion activities to at-risk populations with a focus on decreasing health disparities, and promoting health and wellness; while reducing barriers that interfere with positive health behaviors. Health education is essential to positively impact the health of the community we serve. When working with the African American populations and the underserved of our community SDBNA’s educational efforts focus on chronic illnesses such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, obesity, and other conditions. Health screenings are a mechanism SDBNA uses to assist with health promotion and wellness. Health screenings take place in various locations throughout the community such as churches. SDBNA works closely with other non-profit organizations, local healthcare agencies, and the faith-based community to assist in our health promotion efforts. On-site assessments are done for blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Health education occurs to instruct about possible lifestyle changes that improve health and increase the quality of life. SDBNA has administered Influenza immunizations yearly for over twelve years to prevent influenza. Our Annual Health Expo is a vital health promotion activity in Southeastern San Diego. The San Diego community obtains pertinent health education, health screenings and resources at this event. An SDBNA objective is to inform and empower people with positive attitudes towards healthy behaviors that enhance well-being and promote positive behavioral changes.  SDBNA recognizes the significance of health promotion and demonstrates tireless efforts to improve the health status of our community.