Tuition Scholarship Application


  • Applicant must be a member in good standing(minimum of 6 months) in SDBNA, (fill out application below) and be currently enrolled in an LVN, RN or graduate nursing program, with at least 1 year remaining (if less than 1 year will be reviewed on a case by case basis).

  • Applicant must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better.

  • Upload a letter of recommendation from two of the three listed below:
    a. Dean or Nursing Director, counselor, or instructor
    b. Minister or religious leader (i.e., Priest, Rabbi, Iman, Pastor, etc.)
    c. Individual who is knowledgeable about applicant’s personal and professional character (not a family member).

  • A nursing school ( if this is the 1st semester/quarter) or most recent academic transcript MUST accompany the application. NO copies are acceptable.

  • A recent photograph (passport head shot) MUST accompany the application.

  • You may apply for a scholarship two times as an LVN student, two times as an LVN – ADN student, two times as a ADN – BSN student, two times as a BSN- MSN student and three times as a PhD student.

  • All scholarship applicants are expected to participate in at least four SDBNA events per year or nursing school events, community events in the African American Community with proof of participation (certificates, awards, news clippings or letters).

  • All scholarship applicants must be a member-in-good standing with the San Diego Black Nurses Association, Inc.

  • Applicants must submit a 2 page typed essay.

  • Guidelines for submission of requested information will be strictly adhered to (see application).

  • Applicants will sit for an interview with Scholarship Committee, exact dates to follow.

  • All applicants will be notified of outcome by Feburary 28th, 2021.

Scholarship are awarded annually. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Deadline: Feburary 20th.