Scholarship Application for Free Membership

SDBNA offers a scholarship for free student membership to SDBNA and NBNA on a monthly basis.

The purpose of the scholarship membership is to assist those interested in a career in nursing to begin participation in a professional organization. Please note, the scholarship membership is separate from the annual academic scholarship offered by SDBNA. This application is for only free membership to SDBNA and NBNA. You may receive this scholarship membership up to two times.

Criteria for Application:

  1. Must be an unlicensed nursing student admitted to or in good standing in an accredited nursing program. OR must be a newly licensed nurse within one-year of graduation from an accredited nursing program.
  2. Must support SDBNA’s mission of reducing health disparity, in African-American and other underserved communities.
  3. Must not have received this scholarship membership more than once in the past.

Commitment/Terms of Scholarship:

  1. Must attend at least four (4) SDBNA events each year.
  2. Must participate in fundraising efforts for the year of scholarship membership.
  3. Must be an active member of a standing committee during the scholarship membership.
  4. Must join SDBNA the year following the scholarship membership.

Application Requirements:

  1. Complete an application. (Please contact [email protected] for how to submit a paper application if needed)
  2. Submit a statement indicating why you would like to join SDBNA (200 words or less).
  3. Submit a letter of recommendation from nursing faculty on school stationery indicating admission to, good standing in, or recent graduation from a nursing program.

  Associate's Degree Nursing
  Associate's Degree Other
  Bachelor's Degree Nursing
  Bachelor's Degree Other
  Master's Degree Nursing
  Master's Degree Other
  Doctorate Nursing
  Doctorate Other
  Community Health
  Membership and Recruitment
  Professional Advancement
  Publicity and Public Relations