Scholarship Application for Free Membership

Purpose of this Application:

To further assist those interested in a career in nursing start their participation in a professional organization. Goal: Recruitment of nurses for SDBNA membership and assist with professional growth. Criteria: 1. Must be an unlicensed or first year graduate nurse. 2. Must attend at least 4-SDBNA events each year. 3. Must participate in fundraising efforts for the next year. 4. Must be an active member of a standing committee for at least one year.

 Community Health Committee Member
 Membership & Recruitment Committee Member
 Nominating Committee Member
 Professional Advancement Committee Member

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind the following details:

  1. Submit a letter of recommendation from: Dean or Nursing Director.

  2. A recent photo (headshot) MUST accompany the application

  3. You may apply for a scholarship two times as an LVN student, one time as an LVN – ADN student, one time as an ADN – BSN student, and one time as a BSN-MSN student.

  4. All scholarship applicants are expected to participate in at least four SDBNA events per year, nursing school or community events in the African American and/or underserved Community with proof of participation with proof (certificate, award, news clipping or letter).

  5. Documents may be emailed to throughout the year and will be reviewed by the Board of Directors on a monthly basis.

  6. Scholarships are awarded monthly, throughout the year

Membership Scholarship Application


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