Editor’s Corner

Mar 2017

SAN DIEGO BLACK NURSES ASSOCIATION, INC. (SDBNA) Laura Johnson, RNC, SDBNA Contributing Writer Over the past 2 years, SDBNA’s President, Ethel Weekly-Avant, has sought to charter new territories in healthcare, wellness and education.  The most recent venture occurred on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at the Hilton Garden Inn on Murphy Canyon Road.   SDBNA co-sponsored with Grand Canyon University, their first Nursing Recruitment and Resource Fair from 10am to 2pm.  The event was advertised to all nurses – established nurses, student nurses, new graduates and those interested and seeking information to become......

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Jun 2016

Editor’s Corner Dr. Barbara West Are you a racist? I have been pondering this question a lot lately. I have heard and read some things from our own Black Nurses which seem racist to me. Sometimes we don’t think it is racist because “WE” say it, but if a person of another race would say the same thing, we would brand them a racist and want to burn down their house. During our recent Ruby Celebration, a couple of people, not many thank God, stated that they would have preferred a Black......

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