Geri Zollicoffer



I chose leadership at this time because of my many years of Supervisory/Management experience; however, obtaining my degree will further improve my skills in management, leadership and research. With today’s changing health care arena, efficient, effective and creative management is required for long-term success. One area I am most passionate about is my commitment to, and work within the San Diego Black Nurses Association, Inc. (SDBNA).

Personal affiliations and networking, such as that provided by SDBNA is vital for nurses in general, but especially for nurse leaders. Participation within this type of nursing organization greatly influences the development of leadership skills, and working efficiently to improve the health of our communities. It brings together peer professionals to share current evidence-based practice information, discuss key political issues on a local, state and national level, sharpen
leadership skills based on everyone’s experiences, and allows all members to take advantage of resources
available within both the local and national organization (National Black Nurses Association).

Affiliation and
networking encourages and empowers professional growth and development, factors that are essential to being
an effective nurse and nurse leader. For example, it is beneficial to nurses at any stage in their career to know
someone who offers grant opportunities, has access to publications with recent evidence-based practice articles
and learning material, or hosts conferences for professional development. To put it simply, who you know, and
what they know, can provide you with educational advancement and job opportunities based on connections
made with others, scholarships offered , and or/trainings provided . Nurses play a vital role in providing
leadership and direction in today’s changing health care system. This calls on those of us in the work force as
well as retired nurses, to aid in identifying the collaborative relationships and changes needed to bring improved
health to our communities. As individual nurses, must continue and expand our education and embrace lifelong


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